Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Giggles...

So I haven't been feeling to great this weekend. And it's clearly been affecting my brain. So I thought I would share a few of the laughs Spenser and I have had this weekend...

Saturday we went to the Rexburg Temple. I was waiting in the lobby for my husband. Twenty minutes later we were walking to the car. When I sat down, I realized the ENTIRE SIDE of my dress was unzipped. Failure on everyone's behalf for not telling me.

Failure on my behalf for being a 22 year old who can't dress herself.

After being couped up packing all Friday night, Saturday was date night. We enjoyed dinner at Ying Yang, but finished with almost 2 hours to spare before heading to the Paramount to see The Green Hornet.

We stopped by the grocery store to buy some crackers and proceeded to the duck pond to share our tasty snack.


These are not nice ducks.

These ducks would eat your face off.(Slight exaggeration, not really though)

Spenser and I had to leave a cracker trail to the other end of the park to clear the ducks far enough away to be able to get back in the car. He had geese on his heels the entire way!!

(We also greatly enjoyed the green hornet!)

Sunday. OOOOh Sunday. I woke up early (seems we have 2 small children living directly below us). I thought I would be a kind little wifey and bake some cinnamon rolls. Two hours later, I had 2 dozen beautiful bronzed rolls sitting on the counter awaiting Spenser's special cream cheese frosting (again, he's amazing!)

I took a large bite in the first roll. SALT! Really? yup. Salt. 6 tbsp of Salt instead of sugar. awesome.

Think you're weekends been weird? HOpe you can enjoy a laugh at our exspense!

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