Monday, March 7, 2011

Moving to Utah

We spent Friday-Sunday in Utah and it was a BLAST!
Spenser had his interview with BYU Dietetics on Friday morning. We will know the results soon! Can't wait:) Then we drove up to Sandy to get my hair cut and do some shopping. It was a good break.
We went with Christine and Bruce to get dinner at Sweet Home Chicago. HUUUGE pizza. It was so so tasty! And saw Rango. Pretty funny.
Saturday: chaotic, stressful, amazing Saturday...
After much driving and looking and working, we FINALLY found somewhere to live! Cute little condo in Orem. We love it! Here are some pics:
Kitchen Area
Dining Space
Upstairs Bathroom
Front Entryway
Crawl Space
Downstairs Bathroom/Laundry
Living Room

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