Monday, September 12, 2011

Football Fans and Family Pics

We had a fun weekend:) though they are never quite long enough. On Saturday, Bruce and Christine had a bunch of people over to watch the BYU vs U Texas game. You can see who we were rooting for...
Turns out, as BYUI alumn, we feel no strong connections to BYU. But it was still a great game. Besides that, it gave me an excuse to make these tasty treats I spotted from a blog on pintrest (new obession. yes, I do know it's unhealthy).

Strawberries, dipped in chocolate, piped with white chocolate to look like footballs. Maybe not my best piping work, but hey, I'm not Spenser. Either way they were truly delicious. Easy, and highly recommended.

So back in July, Bruce and Christine got married. Can't believe it's been two months. But they just got their pics back which means we get some new family ones...

A little un-traditional, but that's just who we are...
Great picture, but DEFINITELY missing Tay. Can't wait to photoshop him in :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

oh my goodness, what a week! Monday came as a shock to our systems after driving back from CA. Spenser started school, and I resumed my normal work schedule. By Tuesday, Monday felt like a breeze. Spenser started his bakery job Tuesday. His hours are now from 5am-9am. Wooo! So we get the blessing of being up at 4:30 am daily. Nice, right?

But, we lived through the first week, things can only get easier from here, right? haha Well, regardless, we were grateful for a three day weekend!

We bought the movie RIO and had date night in on Friday. It was a really cute movie! Saturday, we were THRILLED to sleep in until 7:30. We felt so well rested! So we cleaned the house from top to bottom, I had two appointments at work and then Spens and I got our workout on;)

AND THEN... we decided it was time to shop for a washer and dryer. 6 months without, and we were finally ready to look seriously! A couple stores later, and we found these beauties at RC Willey outlet at Labor Day Sale price:)

I still cannot believe we actually bought them!! We had to wait till 4:30 on Monday for them to be delivered, but it was well worth the wait! I got up for work Monday morning, worked out with Spenser, came home and we completely cleaned out the downstairs bathroom in prep for machines! And here they are, installed and ready to use!

Starting that first load of darks was like the best day ever. Happy Labor Day :)

Brittany is Here!?!

Oh goodness. Once upon a time, there was a younger sister named Brittany. I don't know when it happened, but somewhere a long the way, she grew up and graduated high school. So mom drove out and dropped her off at BYU.

It was so much fun to have my family here!! This is during the time that Spenser left me for California, so I was really pretty happy to have anyone in the house, but even better, MY MOMMY! It was a good week. We got to visit, Brit got moved in, and then we went to Ikea.

Oh Ikea. We made it out alive. I actually scored some pretty cute placemats and an ironing board (finally, right?). Appearently mom was unhappy with my choice of mugs for glasses at my house, so she insisted on getting us some new drinking glasses, as well as a fabulous reading lamp for the living room (it's in use right now:)

So glad they could come and play. Sure wish Chelsea mom and dad were closer!

Glad your here, B! (See the mats and glasses? ha)


As usual, I am playing catch up from posts past, but I can't pass this one up! Speser took most of the month of August to go to California to stay with Sheila and Ken and Becca and Jon. When the car broke down at Christine's wedding, Ken took the car home to fix and Becca bought us plane tickets home. So we had a lot of debts to pay.

Spenser got to spend just over a week working and playing with Ken and Sheila. Lots of time on the boat and at the shooting range. Thanks for taking such good care of him!

Then he headed to LA to work with Becca and Jon. When I realized that they were just a short drive from Disneyland and that Spens had not been in many years, something had to be done!!

So arrangements were made, and when I flew in on Friday night, I let him know I would be accompanying him to Disneyland the following day!

We had a blast, of course! Becca and Taryn came to play for the day from open to close. We made it all around both parks. We went and got picnics for the World of Color show. Seriously, if you have the opportunity, GO SEE THAT! it was amazing! Watched some fireworks in Disneyland before making it to a few more rides and having to call it a day.

Best way to wrap up summer and prepare for another school filled fall :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

June 2011

Working at Gold's was now in full swing for me. It became a challenge to collect new clients and adjust to the demands of short hours in the gym mixed with long hours of homework and set up. We continued settling in to our home and buying fun items to furnish it:)

We ran into some fun trials with the breaks on the Alero, but it has been a huge testimony builder on how the Lord provides ways for money to find its way to our wallets when we are living in a way that is pleasing to him.

Spenser's semester finished for the summer, and his boss has been keeping him busy working full time, something I am especially grateful for (since his work alone pays for almost all of our monthly expenses).

We have had a lot of fun getting to know the Utah county area. Shopping, playing at the water park, and mostly enjoying the time that we've had together. We celebrated our 6 month anniversery. I cannot believe how quickly time is passing by! We are loving and making the most of every moment :)

May 2011

May brought new and different challenges. Spenser was continuing with school and work. I was encountering the hardest time landing a job. It was a very trying time for me. I finally scheduled my certification test, and began interviewing with three different companies. I successfully passed the test, and when my first two jobs didn't pull through, I finally landed a job as a personal trainer at Gold's gym in Provo. It was a rocky start, but I have been loving it since. It has been great to put my education to use and finally be working in an industry I am passionate about.

Spenser has been such a trooper through school and his roofing job. Thankfully, June would wrap up the semester:) We began settling into our ward and enjoying meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones. It has been so nice to be living closer to family now. Especially living around the corner from Bruce and Christine.

April 2011

My dear friends and family have been so great about keeping their blogs up to date that I've finally got some motivation and inspiration to start regularly updating ours again. So here's what we've been up to the last few months:

April was pretty crazy. As always, the first weekend in April brought general conference which meant a trip to Utah, but this one was pretty special. We loaded up both our cars with as many household belongings as possible, and began the 4 hours drive. As a special treat I got to stop at SLC airport and pick up my Dad:) We made it into Provo pretty late, and had a lot of help from Dad, Christine, and Bruce all weekend to start moving into our new little condo. Conference was amazing as usual!

The week continued in craziness. Dad flew out of Idaho Falls Monday evening. Spenser and I spent the week packing, and Thursday I left for a research conference in Eugene, OR. It was the first time I had been away from Spenser since we'd been married, but even worse, I was leaving him behind with our ENTIRE move. Luckily Bruce and Christine came to the rescue again.

We had a week to unpack and move in. Spenser began school and started a roofing job while I studied like crazy to prepare for my personal training certification and began searching for jobs...