Monday, September 12, 2011

Football Fans and Family Pics

We had a fun weekend:) though they are never quite long enough. On Saturday, Bruce and Christine had a bunch of people over to watch the BYU vs U Texas game. You can see who we were rooting for...
Turns out, as BYUI alumn, we feel no strong connections to BYU. But it was still a great game. Besides that, it gave me an excuse to make these tasty treats I spotted from a blog on pintrest (new obession. yes, I do know it's unhealthy).

Strawberries, dipped in chocolate, piped with white chocolate to look like footballs. Maybe not my best piping work, but hey, I'm not Spenser. Either way they were truly delicious. Easy, and highly recommended.

So back in July, Bruce and Christine got married. Can't believe it's been two months. But they just got their pics back which means we get some new family ones...

A little un-traditional, but that's just who we are...
Great picture, but DEFINITELY missing Tay. Can't wait to photoshop him in :)

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