Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

oh my goodness, what a week! Monday came as a shock to our systems after driving back from CA. Spenser started school, and I resumed my normal work schedule. By Tuesday, Monday felt like a breeze. Spenser started his bakery job Tuesday. His hours are now from 5am-9am. Wooo! So we get the blessing of being up at 4:30 am daily. Nice, right?

But, we lived through the first week, things can only get easier from here, right? haha Well, regardless, we were grateful for a three day weekend!

We bought the movie RIO and had date night in on Friday. It was a really cute movie! Saturday, we were THRILLED to sleep in until 7:30. We felt so well rested! So we cleaned the house from top to bottom, I had two appointments at work and then Spens and I got our workout on;)

AND THEN... we decided it was time to shop for a washer and dryer. 6 months without, and we were finally ready to look seriously! A couple stores later, and we found these beauties at RC Willey outlet at Labor Day Sale price:)

I still cannot believe we actually bought them!! We had to wait till 4:30 on Monday for them to be delivered, but it was well worth the wait! I got up for work Monday morning, worked out with Spenser, came home and we completely cleaned out the downstairs bathroom in prep for machines! And here they are, installed and ready to use!

Starting that first load of darks was like the best day ever. Happy Labor Day :)

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