Thursday, July 28, 2011

May 2011

May brought new and different challenges. Spenser was continuing with school and work. I was encountering the hardest time landing a job. It was a very trying time for me. I finally scheduled my certification test, and began interviewing with three different companies. I successfully passed the test, and when my first two jobs didn't pull through, I finally landed a job as a personal trainer at Gold's gym in Provo. It was a rocky start, but I have been loving it since. It has been great to put my education to use and finally be working in an industry I am passionate about.

Spenser has been such a trooper through school and his roofing job. Thankfully, June would wrap up the semester:) We began settling into our ward and enjoying meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones. It has been so nice to be living closer to family now. Especially living around the corner from Bruce and Christine.

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