Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Last Two Weeks...

Have been so crazy! We are getting prepared to move! It is madness, I can't believe it is only three weeks away. I am studying for my personal training certification, working part time, managing StorageBay, and trying to cope with a move. Spenser of course is the ever-calm presence in our home.
We were excited to find out last week that he has been admitted into the Dietetics Program at BYU for Fall 2011! It is most exciting!!

I have been so good about going to the gym every morning:) I read one chapter of my personal training manual on the bike every day. It takes about fourty minutes. I'm pretty impressed with myself. But I guess if I am really going into personal training, I might as well act like one.

Lastly, here is a little treasure my sister in law Whitni just sent over! When we were in Houston for the open house, Whitni took some AWESOME family picts! My first ones with my new family:)

Check it!

More from the wedding and open house soon :)

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