Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Whale Watching

While in Ventura, we decided to go on a whale watch. Gray whales migrate through the Santa Cruz Islands, just a few miles off the California coast. We shipped out at 9am in search of some whales! Spenser and I set sail on the Islander with about 20 others. We sailed around Anacapa Island, the furthest south in the chain of 5 islands. We saw these cute guys on our way out of the harbor!
We were told to watch for steam like jets shooting off the ocean, and sure enough, just before reaching the island...

The first of two gray whales seen on our expedition. They are HUGE! I have never seen anything like it. Except at SeaWorld maybe. But this was so much cooler. Gray whales shoot their spout straight up, and it falls back in on itself, making a heart shape.

Can you see it?
We finished sailing around the island, found another gray whale, some awesome landmarks, and nearly froze to death. It was time to head back to the harbor when the boat captain got a call that there were some killer whales in the area. They are in the dolphin family, and are just as curious! These guys jumped around the bow of our boat and showed off for a bit before heading out to find lunch.

We returned to the harbor after the best whale watching trip EVER!

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